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Castling Studios is an independent video game company that is aiming to create games that are fun and have values. We believe as part of our business is the obligation to make a positive impact in the world through our games.


Season's Wrath

is a 2D action platformer game on Android and IOS Platforms. The main purpose of the game is to raise awareness about global warming in a fun and interactive way


Back To The Grid

"BACK TO THE GRID is a 2D action platformer game set in a world of Motherboards and processors where the player must avoid traps and fight enemies as an anti-virus software.


Tribal Tantrum

is a 2D multiplayer platformer where two opposing tribes try to convert each other to complete an old ritual. Where a tribe thought opposing the Golden egg upright will bring to them good luck and bountiful harvest, the other tribe thought the exact opposite. Fight enemy tribe to convert them into one of your own.



A Third-Person 3D game that mimics the era of Muhammad Ali and the Mamluks in Egypt during the 19th century. The story is all about a Mamluki lad that is being chased by Muhammad Ali's soldiers, the main objective is to survive and escape.


Project Cell

Project CELL is a 2D survival game where you play as a micro-organism trying to navigate in a hostile environment all the while facing enemies and shortage of supplies by evolving and developing countermeasures for every situation.


Feed The Chicks

“Feed the Chicks” is a 2D local multiplayer game up to 4 players. You and your friends will play with young chicks in different modes so the winner who earns the highest score among modes where their health will be decreased by time so you must eat falling crumbs to survive or you will lose there are two types of crumbs the brown one which will increase your health and the green one which will increase your health and gives you special ability.


Micro Mutant Menace

Micro-Mutant Menace is a 2D shoot em up game that spikes interest in the field of biology particularly micro-organisms. When an environmental hazard causes the micro-organisms to grow and mutate a team of scientist must collect samples from the 5 classes of micro-organisms (Algae, Protozoa, Fungi, Bacteria, Virus) to reverse the effect and return the environment to normal. They will use their experimental vehicles to fight against the mutated organisms and recover the samples they need.


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